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Cash Converters
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Cash Converters was founded in 1984 in Perth, Australia, and has since expanded to become a multinational brand with a presence in a number of countries. It offers a variety of financial and retail services. Here’s a detailed explanation of how Cash Converters works.

Buying and Selling Secondhand Items

Individuals may bring in stuff they no longer require and wish to sell. These could include electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, tools, and other items. Before making an offer, Cash Converters employees will evaluate the item’s condition and possible resale worth.

Purchasing: Customers can also buy used things at Cash Converters. These devices have been thoroughly tested for functionality and are typically sold for a fraction of their original cost.

Loans for Individuals

  • Short-Term Loans (Payday Loans): These are small-dollar loans that must be repaid by the borrower’s next payday.
  • Medium-Term Loans: These are larger loans with a longer repayment duration, which is typically spread out over several months.
  • Pawnbroking Loans: Customers can secure a loan by using their assets as collateral. If they are unable to repay the loan, they have the right to sell the item in order to recoup the money.
  • Layby: Layby services are provided by some retailers, allowing customers to reserve a product and pay for it in installments. The customer can collect the item once the complete payment is paid.
  • Cash Converters frequently has an online presence where customers may buy or bid on used things in addition to real storefronts.
  • Warranties and Returns: In order to build trust in their consumers, frequently offer a warranty on the things they sell, allowing for returns within a certain period if the item is proven to be faulty.
  • Transparency and Regulation: Because of the financial services they provide, Cash Converters is subject to stringent restrictions. Their lending terms, interest rates, and fees are often specified openly, and they must analyze a borrower’s ability to repay a loan before providing it.
  • Community Involvement: Many locations participate in local community activities, supporting a variety of causes and cultivating a sense of belonging.

How to use Cash Converters

Cash Converters’ retail component is at the heart of the company. Customers can stroll into a store and peruse a wide selection of pre-owned things, including electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, and home goods.

  • Purchasing Used Stuff: If you have stuff that you no longer desire or need, you can take it to a Cash Converters location. Following a brief examination, the business may offer to buy them from you for cash.
  • Personal Loans: Cash Converters provides small to medium-sized personal loans in numerous areas. These loans are sometimes secured by a valuable item, such as jewelry or electronics.
  • Pawnbroking: Some locations provide pawnbroking. This means you can pawn an item to get a short-term loan. You will receive your item back if you repay the loan and any interest by the agreed-upon deadline. If you fail to return the loan, the pawnbroker may sell your item.
  • Customers can use layby to reserve an item and then pay for it in installments. The customer can take the item home once all payments have been made.
  • Webshop: Many Cash Converters locations have begun to offer an online shopping experience, allowing consumers to browse and purchase from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Mobile Trading: Some branches will come to your place to examine and perhaps acquire products, making the selling procedure even more convenient.
  • Vehicle Finance: In some areas, Cash Converters now offers financing for vehicle purchases.
  • Warranty Services: Cash Converters provides a limited warranty on some products, particularly electronics, to ensure customer confidence in their purchases.
  • Gold Buying: Many Cash Converters locations buy gold, whether it be in the form of jewelry, coins, or bullion.

Cash Converters: What Can You Sell?

Cash Converters has made a name for itself as a global pawnbroker, offering a one-of-a-kind platform for buying and selling used goods. For many people, it’s an important way to get some quick cash or a good deal on used items. If you’re thinking about visiting one of their stores or browsing their website, you might be wondering what you can actually sell. Here’s an in-depth look at the wide selection of products accepted by Cash Converters.


Smartphones and tablets: Popular brands include Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Check that your device is in good working order, that it is not locked, and that it has been reset to factory settings.

  • Laptops and computers: The higher the resale value, the better the specifications. Remember to delete all personal information before selling.
  • Game Consoles: Popular systems such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, particularly with associated games, are in high demand.

Jewellery and timepieces

Gold, silver, and other precious metals are commonly accepted.

Branded timepieces, particularly luxury models such as Rolex or Omega, command a high premium.

Instruments of Music

Guitars, keyboards, wind instruments, and even DJ equipment can be found on Cash Converters’ shelves.

Sports Equipment

Bicycles, golf clubs, and other sporting goods in good condition can be sold.

Equipment and Hardware

In most cases, power tools, hand tools, and other machines in good operating order are welcomed.


DVDs, Blu-rays, vinyl records, and even CDs are acceptable as long as they are in working order.

Bestseller books, comic books, and graphic novels can also be traded.

Appliances for the Home            

Microwaves, blenders, coffee machines, and other small appliances that are in good working order can be considered.

Antiques and collectibles

Rare artifacts, coins, stamps, and vintage objects are frequently purchased by collectors who attend Cash Converters.


Some Cash Converters locations may also sell automobiles, motorcycles, or scooters. This, however, varies by region.

A Few Pointers

  • Clean Your Items: The better an item looks, the higher the likelihood that it will sell. Before exhibiting your products, clean, dust, and shine them.
  • Provide Evidence: Bring any original boxes, manuals, or receipts with you. They have the ability to increase the item’s value.
  • Price haggling: Prices aren’t always fixed. If you believe your thing is worth more, don’t be afraid to bargain.

Customer Reviews and Feedback at Cash Converters

Cash Converters is a well-known retail pawnbroking firm that began in the 1980s in Australia. Since then, the company has grown its activities around the world, creating a presence in numerous nations. Understanding the opinions of previous customers can provide vital insights for anyone considering doing business with Cash Converters, whether to buy, sell, or receive a pawn loan. Based on consumer evaluations and feedback, here’s a comprehensive look at some of the main sentiments:

Positive Feedback

  • Diverse Product Range: Many consumers appreciate the large range of things provided, which includes everything from electronics and jewelry to musical instruments and tools.
  • Fair Pricing: Buyers frequently regard item prices to be reasonable when compared to brand-new retail rates, particularly for high-quality pre-owned goods.
  • Friendly Staff: An often stated positive quality is the staff’s friendliness and professionalism, who frequently go above and beyond to assist customers.
  • Quick Loan Processing: Customers who use Cash Converters for short-term pawn loans frequently praise the quick and easy process.
  • Customers enjoy the transaction process’s clarity, which includes explicit explanations of terms and restrictions.
  • Improvements: Inconsistency Across Stores: As with many franchises, the experience varies from location to location. Customers have complained about variations in product pricing and customer service.
  • Interest Rates: While many people find the pawn loan process to be quick and easy, some believe the interest rates are too expensive.
  • Product Testing: Although Cash Converters checks things before purchase, a few customers have reported problems with electronics and devices after they have purchased them.
  • Buyback Prices: Sellers may believe that the prices provided for their things are lower than expected, particularly when compared to the selling price of comparable items in the store.

Characteristics that set it apart:

  • Layby Option: This service, which is popular among consumers, allows users to reserve an item and pay for it in installments.
  • Warranty: Unlike many secondhand retailers, Cash Converters provides a warranty on the majority of its products, providing purchasers with additional peace of mind.
  • Online Store: Their online platform is simple to use and offers a wide range of products, allowing clients to buy from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Community Engagement: Some Cash Converters locations participate in community initiatives and charitable events, fostering relationships with the local community.

FAQ: Cash Converters

What exactly are Cash Converters?

Cash Converters is a global retail chain that buys and sells used goods. Personal finance services, such as pawnbroking loans and other short-term cash solutions, are also available.

Where did Cash Converters come from?

Cash Converters was founded in 1984 in Perth, Western Australia.

What kind of merchandise can I buy or sell at Cash Converters?

Electronics, musical instruments, jewelry, and other home things can all be purchased or sold. However, the exact inventory may differ depending on location.

What is the selling procedure?

Bring in the item you want to sell. The team will evaluate its worth and provide you with a cash price. If you accept, you will be given cash on the spot.

Are the things examined before they are sold?

Yes, Cash Converters typically examine products before selling them to ensure they are in working order.

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